Paver Sealing “seal n’ lock system”

The seal n’ lockĀ  System was developed by Richard Colletti, a contractor and successful businessman, to dramatically improve the process of cleaning and sealing paving stones. His application of breakthroughs in molecular manipulative chemistry has created a product that far exceeds anything previously used to seal paving stones and other concrete products. Our Company has recognized the need for change in the interlocking concrete paver sealing industry – not just in sealing products, but in the overall application process. The increased demand for water-based products with low volatile organic compounds (VOC) as an alternative to solvent-based products has generated a new technology – Seal ‘n Lock System.

IMG_1044water based paver sealer

The Seal ‘n Lock System was developed to create a comprehensive answer to the industry’s need for a maintenance solution – without creating any additional issues. Seal ‘n Lock sealers apply a semi-penetrating film to the surface of the pavers while simultaneously stabilizing the joint sand using compounds in the sealer to bind the sand particles. Seal ‘n lock sealers are engineered to release moisture as the cure so the sealer may be applied on damp surfaces with no risk of blushing or yellowing. Seal ‘n Lock is a water-based urethane modified acrylic formula. It is very stable, durable, and highly adhesive. It contains an added ultra-violet radiation inhibitor, as well as mold, algae, and mildew inhibitors. The process involves pressure washing, sanding with a polymeric sand and a two coat application where the primary goal of the first coat is to “flood” the sand joint with a large volume of sealer to stabilize the joint. The goal of the second coat is to enhance and protect the paver surface while providing additional stabilization to the top of the sand joint.

We are very proud to say that We been successfully installing this type of paver sealing in Orlando and arround Central Florida.