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Painting Contractor Orlando FL

If you’re looking for a painting contractor in Orlando FL, you’re in the right place. Home Renovating Systems LLC offers professional interior painting, exterior painting, and commercial painting services you can depend on when quality and professionalism matter.

Exterior Painting Services

The optimum way to increase value and curb appeal to your house is a well done exterior paint job. The key to a beautiful paint job is all in the preparation.

We begin by pressure washing the complete exterior of your house. Then we replace any rotted or damaged wood. Then we thoroughly scrape and sand the components to be painted as to ensure they are smooth and ready to be painted. We will then apply primer to any exposed wood, caulk all gaps and cracks to shield your house from water intrusion, and apply the best top coats of paint for your house.

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Boost the Look of your House

All it takes is good paint and the expertise of expert exterior painters to improve the market appeal of your home. Besides, exterior paint can hide the permanent imperfections on your property’s exteriors.

In addition, a professional paint job will also leave your surface even and smooth. Having an attractive home from the outside will also create the impression that your interiors are just as beautiful. So, the paint entices your guests as they enter your house.

Make Your Home Unique

We all have unique tastes and preferences. So, the paint color of your newly purchased home might not be your first choice. Or, there are also times that no matter how much we love the color, after a couple of years, we feel the need for a change.

Now, you can make your home livelier, classier, or just achieve any look that you wanted it to have. You would be surprised that a fresh coat of paint is enough to make your home unrecognizable and make you excited to come home every day.

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Professional Interior Painting Services

When you select our company, your interior painting project will run as smoothly and effortlessly as you’ve ever seen. Our painting experts are clean, courteous, and efficient. They work diligently to complete your painting project in a timely manner while providing a top-quality finished job that you can have pride in for the foreseeable future!

Our company doesn’t sacrifice a thing when it comes down to quality and craftsmanship! – All while saving you money and peace of mind.

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It’s All About The Prep Work

A correctly prepared surface is crucial to the long lasting durability and quality of the painting. Our painter’s commitment to complete preparation work is a tremendous part of what differentiates us as leading experts. To make sure your paint service is successful, the preparation stage includes:

(1) Moving furniture away from walls and into the middle of your rooms.
(2) Moving any wall hangings, window treatments, mirrors, area rugs, cover plates, and appliances.
(3) Using drop cloths, plastic, and tarps to safeguard the floors, windows, trim, carpet, fixtures, and furniture.
(4) Fixing imperfections, cracks and crevices, and nail holes in the substrate or drywall.
(5) Replacing or repairing drywall as needed to cover dents, dings, and nail pops.
(6) Re-texturing or sanding patched areas on the wall to ensure a seamless appearance to match the rest of the wall.

Finished The Right Way

Our interior painting service surely does not end when we are done with the painting portion. We’ll never leave your home a mess. Our clean-up process entails:

(1) Getting rid of debris from your property.
(2) Dusting, sweeping, vacuuming your property.
(3) Re-installing wall plates and curtains.
(4) Placing furniture and other objects back to where they were before.

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Commercial Painting Contractor in Orlando FL

Our company offers trustworthy commercial painting services that will help your project be successful. Our painters accommodate your hectic schedule and timeline to help you achieve an upgraded environment, without all the tremendous effort. Our top of the line management group and expert tradesmen provide high quality commercial painting services fast and at very affordable rates.

We are trusted by property owners, developers, builders, facility managers, architects, and general contractors for their various commercial painting needs when it is crucial to finish the job to satisfaction. Every one of our clients are consistently satisfied with our commercial painting services and know that we strive to be the top of the line experts in commercial painting.

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commercial painting contractor -AREA1-

Experience The Difference of a Professional Paint Job

Painting your commercial properties and workspaces is a great option for any corporation that wants to look clean, avoid maintenance expenses, and improve spirits of your workers.

Whether your property regularly welcomes customers or is exclusively housing backend functions like manufacturing or corporate departments, a clean-looking property will impress any client or corporate executive. Over the course of its use, commercial and industrial spaces will begin to look worn and decrepit, but an expert painting is the fastest and most efficient solution to breathe new life into these commercial properties.

Services You Can Count On

Not only will the building look clean, a professional painting will definitely lower future maintenance expenditures. Commercial grade paint must be put on safely and in a sanitary fashion, so when paint is put on by non-experts or handymen, it can quickly crack, flake, or break, and lead to an unsuitable work environment. But, when the work is done by professionals like us, the paint coating will be strong and long-lasting, and render the work site that much safer. This will definitely reduce any future costs coming from fixing improper work or addressing potential workplace-related accidents.

Lastly, a brand new paint job will give new life to your commercial spaces as well as improve the feel of these areas with riveting new colors. If you have employees that regularly perform their duties in these areas, this is a perfect chance to improve the workspaces, and therefore, the morale of your workers. Studies have proved that specific colors subconsciously impact the moods and attitudes of people, and if we just consider our own experience, bright colors clearly improve our moods more than dull, depressing colors.

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